Gurusparsh, The Student safety program evolved as a result of various social reasons. There was a time where school children were victims of many cruel mishaps. Repeated incidents occurred in many places in the state and the safety of children were at stake. The idea sprouted as an initiative to protect children from existing threats. Our aim was to provide the sense of security to the parents of those students in schools of rural areas, government schools, schools which are financially weak etc where spending money to changing technology was a big issue.So, as a social responsibility, when it was launched, the program was given for the government schools for absolutely free of cost. When it was launched in 2011, we were the pioneers in this one of a kind product.

Year of Launch 2011
Sector Education, Communication
Total Clients 374
Total Students benefited 187,463
Launch(Press Release)

Gurusparsh started as an innovative web service in which the teachers and school management can send students attendance, important notifications, marks as SMS and email to parents and guardians. Over the years, Gurusparsh has carved its own niche in many schools of Kerala and as a result Gurusparsh extended its services to Gurukulam. Now, it has grown as a Complete Communication Solution. This is just the beginning of a bigger vision and as a socially responsible member we are planning to do much larger for a healthy youth.

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“100% satisfied with the service! Students’ problems can be easily conveyed to parents.”

Mr. Abdul Nassar K
Principal, Navabharath Central School, Parambilpeedika